Silcott Springs Farm

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When the Quakers decided to migrate south from Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey due to the shortage of land, many found their home in Loudoun County, Virginia. A prominent Quaker family, Jesse and Jane Silcott, purchased 700 acres outside of Purcellville and had this beautiful home built for them in 1791. After Mr. & Mrs. Silcott passed away, the estate was converted into the renowned, Silcott Springs Resort in the 1850's. Upon the arrival of the Civil War, the resort was forced to shut down. Today, the owner of the property has decided to add 2,500 square feet to the estate. The once famous resort now boasts a beautiful new addition.

Architect:     Studio One Architects
Kitchen designer:     Southern Kitchens

General Richard I. Neal
General Richard I. Neal
Retired Four-Star General, United States Marine Corps
"After almost 35 years in the Marine Corps, I am used to working with professionals that have a strong work ethic, take pride in their accomplishments, and are dedicated to excellence. I found the same traits resident in ALL of the folks I worked with at Thorsen during my recent home renovation. If you want your job done right the first time, then I would highly recommend you seek out the services of the Thorsen Construction Company of Virginia."