Thorsen offers a wide range of professional construction services each performed with integrity and attention to detail. From custom carpentry to feasibility consulting for prospective real estate purchases, Thorsen’s knowledgeable and professional staff brings our collective strength and experience to every project.

Preliminary Estimation - When considering a new project, it is important to have a clear picture of cost from the very beginning. Thorsen works closely with architects, designers, and clients to accurately estimate and value engineer projects.

Construction Feasibility Consulting - We are pleased to offer our knowledge and experience to clients who are interested in professional opinions and feasibility assessments when purchasing real estate. Please contact John Thorsen for more information on obtaining a pre-purchase consultation.

Custom Carpentry - At Thorsen, we take pride in on our exceptionally skilled carpenters. Our team of twenty carpenters ensures that both the structural and architectural elements of a project are completed to the highest standards. For more information, visit our Superior Craftsmen page.

Plumbing - As a master plumbing contractor, Thorsen is able to reduce cost and increase efficiency by maintaining an in-house plumbing crew. Our team is professional, experienced, and able to complete projects in a timely manner.

Electrical - In addition to our plumbing team, Thorsen offers in-house electricians as well. Having held a master’s license for over thirty years, our electrical team offers the same professional and experienced approach to the trade as our plumbers.

Tile and Marble - Our in-house tile and marble team are regarded as one of the best in the region. Please visit our Showcase for photographs of our tile and marble work.

Subcontractors - The few subcontractors we use on regular basis, we have developed long-standing relationships with. Like our full-time employees, our subcontractors have been trained by us and are fully aware of the high level of professionalism that is required on our projects.

Jennifer Gilmer
Founder & President, Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath
"I was so glad to discover Thorsen Construction many years ago. We have completed many beautiful projects with them, and, inevitably, the clients are very happy with their professionalism and their quality of work. We have found that it's difficult for us to find contractors who understand the intricacy of our designs so well that they can execute our designs without a hitch. They are genuine, honest and a pleasure to work with."